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Cross-Border Webinar: Business Schools and the Call to Community Action PART 3
Welcome back to Part 3, the finale, of Business Schools and the Call to Community Action. We all know COVID-19 has affected every sector of our lives, including education.  But how have business schools responded to the call to action during this crisis? In the third part of this three-part unique panel series, GBSN CEO, Dan LeClair speaks with three schools from around the world showcasing innovative solutions to help their communities. 
In this webinar, we will, one final time, travel across borders to France, where Kedge Business School’s Director of International Operations and Relations, Tashina Giraud, will be discussing the institutions’ expansionary efforts for their emergency funds among other efforts. We will then venture to Florida International University, with Dean Joanne Li, who will discuss their work in Miami, including expanding the mission of the Dean’s Destination Fund. Finally, we will end in Brazil to hear from Fundação Dom Cabral’s Associate Dean for Global Strategy Viviane Barreto. As always, GBSN is proud to showcase just a few of the community solutions our member schools are presenting during this time when we need innovation most.
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